Born July 23, 1967

Translator, proofreader

Born July 25, 1964

Swiss certified translator; proofreader
Advanced diploma in Italian


Handle both British and American English.

Many years of experience in proofreading and translating.

Specialized in proofreading advertisements and annual reports for nonprofit organizations and the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

Have English, French, Italian, and German native-speaking partners on whom we can rely 100 percent.

Particular commitment to the Italian language, whose prominence we would like to enhance in multilingual Switzerland. Too often overlooked through simple inattention, the language deserves better. We restore it to the limelight.

Equal familiarity with German and Italian. We were both born and raised in German-speaking Switzerland, in addition to which Antonella has Italian origins, and Judith has lived in Ticino since 1997.

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